3 Reasons why you should not drill and  fill printer cartridges

If you are searching for ways to refill your own cartridges then think twice before doing so.

In today’s Article we will talk about why you should not Refill printer Cartridges.


1:- Laser Printer

If you have a laser Printer in your office or Home then you definitely should not need refill your cartridges. It is very messy and time consuming. Since most printers now communicate directly with their cartridges via a chip you will also need to purchase a chip or chip resetter.

If you go to any company to refill the ink cartridge then they will drill a hole into a your cartridge and they will refill it with substandard toner and these cartridges will have a 50% failure rate.


2:- Low Quality Refills

Low quality refills can save you money but you will get worst quality from your printer, plus you may also start experiencing leaks or clogs on your printer head. So whenever you need to refill the printer cartridge try to buy a new one instead of refilling it.


3:- Cost

Most people prefer to refill and I understand why because the price of a brand new OEM printer

is extremely high but you need to understand that cheap things give you cheap services in

return and yes we also know refilling can save you almost 50% cost of buying new but as an expert I

have to say don’t buy the ink and toner but it because it’s cheap because you will regret it later.


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