A Couple of Myths about Compatible Toner Cartridges

A Couple of Myths about Compatible Toner Cartridges

Many people have different views and ideas about compatible toner cartridges.

Most people simply know very little about compatible cartridges. I’d like to

review five myths or misconceptions people may have about compatible laser toner

cartridges. Let’s distinguish between fact and fiction.

Myth #1 Compatible Toner Cartridges are simply cheap cartridges.

It is true that a compatible toner cartridge is cheap in price. However, it is not a

cheap quality toner cartridge. A compatible toner cartridge is a new toner cartridge

manufactured by a third party. It is made from all new parts. It contains the exact

toner required for your laser printer. Most companies give a one-year, one hundred

percent money back guarantee on their compatible toner cartridges. You can

normally purchase a compatible toner cartridge for about half of the cost of a new

OEM toner cartridge.

Myth #2 using a Compatible Toner Cartridge will void my printer warranty.

This is not true. In fact, congress passed a law to make it illegal for a manufacturer

to force you to buy certain supplies. If allowed, this would lead to a monopoly,

high prices and lack of competition.

Myth #3 A Compatible Toner Cartridge will damage my printer.

The truth is a toner cartridge can do very little to damage a laser printer. It is

possible, but unlikely, for a toner cartridge to leak and cause streaking on

your paper. However, a simple cleaning and replacement of the toner cartridge will

solve the problem

Myth #4 Compatible Toner Cartridges produce poor quality print

One of my initial fears in purchasing a compatible toner cartridge was that the print

quality wouldn’t be as good. When I used my first compatible toner cartridge, it

produced exceptionally good quality. I thought it wouldn’t last. I was wrong. In

fact, I printed more pages from that cartridge than I did from my original. After

extensive research, I found that many toner cartridges are not completely filled

with toner when you purchase them. I happened to have purchased a cartridge from

a company that had completely filled the cartridge.

Myth #5 All Compatible Toner Cartridges are the same.

The truth is all compatible toner cartridges are not created equal. This is why you

must purchase your cartridges from a reliable and reputable company.


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