Are inkjet printers cost effective?

Are inkjet printers cost effective?

Inkjet printers seems cost effective but in reality they are not, so it’s always better to research and understand operating costs before you purchase an inkjet printer & today I will explain you how inkjet printers cost you more as their life prolongs.

Cost of cartridge

You can buy a cheap inkjet printer first but with the replacement of the cartridges in a long time, the cartridge cost can even exceed the machine cost.

Slow Speed

You can only use ink-jet printer to create little volumes of documents only because inkjet printer is slower than laser one.

Printers clogged with ink

The replacement of cartridges causes some unexpected problems in the printing process. The most trouble we commonly face is when the printers are clogged with ink. There are cleaning cycles in inkjet printers to run but you must replace cartridges after used many times. Some companies offer service of refilling cartridges and you don’t need to buy new ones. The cost is down but it takes a lot of time to transfer cartridges.


After creating images we must wait until those dry. Sometimes it can delay our delivery process. There’s some risk if our documents smudge before drying.

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