How to distinguish between an Ink Cartridge, a Print Head and a Toner Cartridge

Printers have become a daily part of our lives. We consider them as very important tools for work, business and even for schools. This is why it is important for you to know the components of your printer systems.

Excel Toner gives you the very basic pointers on how you can differentiate between an ink cartridge, a print head and a toner cartridge from each other. These are the most important components of printer systems. Without these, any type or brand of printer will not be complete and you will not be able to see the output of your documents or any graphics.

A print head and a cartridge are two different things. A print head is a component that has the printer nozzle. This nozzle releases the ink from the cartridge to the paper during the printing process. 

A cartridge has two types. It can either be a printer ink cartridge or a laser toner cartridge. As their names imply, a printer ink cartridge contains ink while a laser toner cartridge contains toner. These are different because printer ink is liquid while toner is dry ink in powder form. Whether its printer ink or toner, both come out of their cartridges through the nozzle in the print head to the paper.

Ink Cartridge Price vs. Toner Cartridge Price

Yes, there are difference in prices of ink cartridges and toner cartridges. Printer ink cartridges are cheaper than laser toner cartridges. The choice of which type of printer or cartridge to use depend on the printing job and quality that you need. Laser toner cartridges can give better page yield and print quality than printer ink cartridges.

Ink Cartridge Print Speed vs. Toner Cartridge Print Speed

In terms of printing speeds, a laser toner cartridge prints faster than a printer ink cartridge. This is due to the different and more advanced print head technology commonly used in laser printers.

Print Quality: Ink vs. Toner

Yes, there is a difference in the print quality between using a toner and using an ink. Technically, laser toner cartridges give better print quality than printer ink cartridges. However, the difference is not very noticeable and significant. In spite of these differences, the choice on which cartridge to use remains to be yours. It will depend on what you need or what you want. A laser toner cartridge is not essentially better than a printer ink cartridge and vice versa.

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