OEM vs Compatible Ink and Toner


Many consumers and now considering “Compatible” or “Remanufactured” ink and toner in an effort to save money. The modern compatible cartridges are now guaranteed to meet or to exceed the quality of OEM Genuine cartridges. But is it a good choice?

Compatible ink and Toner

This is an ink / toner container that is newly manufactured based on the design of the original cartridge and is devised to perform just as well as the original brand name cartridge. To avoid patent infringement issues, makers commonly make slight alterations in the design (such as an added column or line in the casing that serves no particular purpose but to make it different from the original). The technology inside the cartridge, however, is basically the same. Being new, these cartridges have longer lifespan (if refilled after purchase) than re-manufactured ones.

OEM Original ink and Toner

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) toner and ink refers to any new ink and toner cartridge that was manufactured by the company which also built your copier or printer. OEM cartridges can be a lot more expensive than comaptible cartridges due to the research and development costs that go into their production. They are known to be very reliable and may be the only option available for your printer.

Should I buy and original or compatible cartridge?

If you have never tried a compatible cartridge, we strongly recommend doing so. The quality of compatible cartridges has improved a long way and it is now possible to get a good quality print. If you want guaranteed print quality every time, we would always recommend an original consumable.  Designed to work with the printer itself, they have been developed to help you achieve the best from your printer. Keep in mind that, for 95% of our customers, compatible ink and toner has been a reliable choice.