Printer Features Across All Models

Printer Features Across All Models
There are many different kinds of printers in the world right now
• Ink Jet Printers
• Laser Printers
• Multifunction Printer
• Photo Printer
• Business-Ready Printer
And today we will see some of the characteristics of all of these

1:- Ink Jet Printers
If color is an absolute necessity to you, an inkjet printer might be the way to go. In addition if you plan on printing numerous photos, an inkjet printer is the only way to go. You can print photos with some color lasers, but the quality you’ll see with an inkjet will be much better & Inkjet printers come in two main categories: multifunction (MFC) and single function. If having a printer that scans, copies, and faxes appeals to you, you’ll want to go with a multifunction (MFC) inkjet. But if your main focus will be printing, a single-function unit will do the trick.

2:-Laser Printer
If you’re after a printer that can support a small team at the office, a laser printer is probably your best choice. Most are much faster at churning out documents than inkjet printers, and have higher duty cycles (the number of pages they are able to print in a given time)

3:- Multifunction Printer (MFC)
Multifunction, or all-in-one, printers are do-it-all machines that print, copy, scan, and sometimes fax, making them great small- or home-office companions. These printers save space by combining multiple devices into one unit.

4:-Photo Printer
Photo printers come in several varieties. Some inkjet all-in-one printers cater to photo audiences by including memory card readers, advanced photo-editing tools, and color LCD screens for editing images on the printer. Dedicated photo printers, however, are made just for printing photos. They often have a wide array of ink colors that go beyond the standard cyan-magenta-yellow-black, and offer the ability to print on paper larger than 8.5×11 inches

5:- Business-Ready Printer
These printers can vary according to what kind of business they are catering to, but most business-ready printers have a few things in common. Most are multifunction units, allowing office workers to print, scan, copy, and sometimes fax from a single device.
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