Tips before buying a printer for your office or home

Printers are very important now a days because they perform a very critical role as they render electronic information into tangible records. If you are unable to print reports, presentations, letters, photos from your computer that means you are not using it to its full potential

Now we all know how important a printer is in todays era. However, the problem arises when you are required to purchase one because there are many of them available in the market. Therefore, you need to identify some aspects and features before you go outside to buy from the store or online.

First thing you need to establish is what your workload comprises of and what kind of output you want from the printer.

1: Inkjet printers

Ink jet Printers can deliver stunning color, so if you need to print Photos then that’s a good choice for you.

2: Dye Sublimation

Dye-sub printers can print continuous tones and a superior range of colors so they are going to be usefull for you when printing graphics.

3: Laser Printer

Laser printers suit you if you need to print large amounts of text documents. They print faster than inkjets plus their cost of operation is quite low.

4: Photo Printer

Now as the name says this printer is going to suit you If you take lots of pictures. Photo printers can be in the form of photo inkjet which means you can print photos and text both at the same time.

5: General Purpose Printers

General purpose printers can be used for printing anything whether you want to print text and photos. However, they do not excel in either area.

6: Multifunction

Multifunction printers have lots of features combined in one device such as printing, scanning, faxing, and copying.

Now once you finallized which one is good for you then you need to decide weather you should buy from an online store or from a store near your home.

Our recommendation is online, because there are many promotions and a wide variety of choices. You can also benefit by seeing the companies reviews online. Once purchased come to Excel Toner to purchase your cartridges as we have the largest inventory of Ink Cartridges and Printers plus we offer competitive and affordable prices for Canadian students, families and businesses wishing to purchase remanufactured and OEM compatible toners, toners cartridges, ink cartridges, ink jets and more.

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