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LEXMARK / IBM 25A0013 Laser Staple Cartridge Box of 3


OEM Part Number: 25A0013
Total Toner or Ink Content: FULL
Warranty / Guarantee: YES
Condition / Type: Compatible
Page Yield: 5000 pages


 Lifetime Warranty and 100% Satisfaction Warranty. assures an exceptional product with flawless printouts.
 All cartridges are freshly sealed and packaged.
 Multiple Quantities available.
 Warehouses located in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Shipping is a flat $7.95 per order (regardless of the quantity ordered, this offer does not apply to Yukon and Northern Territories).

Shipments require 1 to 5 business days, however please note that over 95% of our orders are delivered with 24 hours.

We usually ship on the same day the order was placed and will provide a tracking number as soon as it is available.

All of our cartridges are designed to give the finest printing results, they are recommended for professional printing, handouts, any material that will be given to the public. These cartridges are made using the same manufacturing specifications as the OEM genuine cartridges for a fraction of the price.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to ask. Contact us at:

E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone Number: 1-866-438-1120

This product fits the following printers

Lexmark / IBM C792Lexmark / IBM C792DELexmark / IBM C792DHE
Lexmark / IBM C792DTELexmark / IBM C792ELexmark / IBM C935DN
Lexmark / IBM C935DTNLexmark / IBM C935DTTNLexmark / IBM C935HDN
Lexmark / IBM C950DELexmark / IBM CS820DTELexmark / IBM CS820DTFE
Lexmark / IBM CX820DELexmark / IBM CX820DTFELexmark / IBM CX825DE
Lexmark / IBM CX825DTELexmark / IBM CX825DTFELexmark / IBM CX860DE
Lexmark / IBM CX860DTELexmark / IBM CX860DTFELexmark / IBM M5155
Lexmark / IBM MS711DNLexmark / IBM MS810DELexmark / IBM MS810DN
Lexmark / IBM MS810DTNLexmark / IBM MS810NLexmark / IBM MS811DN
Lexmark / IBM MS811DTNLexmark / IBM MS811NLexmark / IBM MS812DE
Lexmark / IBM MS812DNLexmark / IBM MS812DTNLexmark / IBM MX810DFE
Lexmark / IBM MX810DTFELexmark / IBM MX810DXFELexmark / IBM MX811DFE
Lexmark / IBM MX811DTFELexmark / IBM MX811DXFELexmark / IBM MX812DE
Lexmark / IBM MX812DFELexmark / IBM MX812DTFELexmark / IBM MX812DXFE
Lexmark / IBM MX910DELexmark / IBM MX911DTELexmark / IBM MX912DXE
Lexmark / IBM T650DNLexmark / IBM T650DTNLexmark / IBM T650N
Lexmark / IBM T652DNLexmark / IBM T652DTNLexmark / IBM T652N
Lexmark / IBM T654DNLexmark / IBM T654DTNLexmark / IBM T654N
Lexmark / IBM T656DNELexmark / IBM W840Lexmark / IBM W840DN
Lexmark / IBM W840NLexmark / IBM W850DNLexmark / IBM W850N
Lexmark / IBM X658DFELexmark / IBM X658DTFELexmark / IBM X792DE
Lexmark / IBM X792DTELexmark / IBM X792DTFELexmark / IBM X792DTME
Lexmark / IBM X792DTPELexmark / IBM X792DTSELexmark / IBM X850E
Lexmark / IBM X852ELexmark / IBM X854ELexmark / IBM X860DE
Lexmark / IBM X862DTELexmark / IBM X864DHELexmark / IBM X940E
Lexmark / IBM X945ELexmark / IBM X950DELexmark / IBM X952DTE
Lexmark / IBM X954DHE